Forty and Eight’s Annual State Meeting July 20-21st

Forty and Eight’s (40/8) Annual State Meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn of Terre Haute (Host Hotel) on July 20-21st.

This independent fraternal organization of wartime veterans helps various different charities and nurses training programs throughout the year.  Forty & Eight’s founders based the organization on their military experiences in WWI France.  The box car of the French railways, which carried forty men or eight horses to the front, is the symbol of the organization.  The organizations purpose is to assist and promote the welfare and well being of those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States, during all wars. To help widows and orphans, participate in memorial services, remembering days honoring veterans, preserve memories of the Armed Forces of our Country.  Assist with projects relating to the welfare of children in America, health of our Nation by fostering a nurses training program and selected charitable endeavors.