Indiana Theatre

The Historical Indiana Movie Theatre;

This iconic Terre Haute landmark opened on January 28, 1922, and occupies a special place in American theater architecture design. The Theatre was built by Terre Haute resident T.W. Barhydt to be a lasting gift to the City of Terre Haute, and it was designed by America’s preeminent designer John Eberson to be his first prototype “Atmospheric Theater” which became his signature style that is recognized to be the gold standard of American theater design. Throughout its rich history, the Theatre has hosted a wide range of events that have included vaudeville, cinema, performing arts and community celebrations of all types. Through restoration efforts, which began in May 2013, the Indiana Theatre’s heritage has been preserved and the Indiana has been reborn as a 1,600 seat full service event center which can host a wide range of community gatherings that include live entertainment, performing arts, cinema, wedding events, and fundraisers. While visiting our proud

and historic city, we encourage you to visit this downtown treasure, which has served as a vault for Terre Haute memories since 1922.


Event Coordinator:  Amanda Balk

683 Ohio Street Terre Haute, IN 47807

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