Major golf events at Rea Park and Hulman Links

2013 Major Golf events at Rea Park/Hulman Links Golf Courses

June 15-16  Two Man Team Event at (Rea Park/Hulman Links both)

June 29-30 Hall of Fame Cup at Hulman Links

July 4 Firecracker Open at Hulman Links

July 13-14,20-21  City Championship (Rea Park/Hulman Links both)

August 3-4  Hulman Links Club Championship (Hulman Links)

August 17-18  Senior City (Rea Park/Hulman Links)

August 24-25 Rea Park Club Championship

September 21-22  Fall Classic (Rea Park/Hulman Links)

There are many more golf events and outings scheduled throughout the season.  Please contact either course for more details on other events they are holding.

Dates provided by the City Parks Deparment

Hulman Links:

Rea Park: