Taekwondo Tournament

April 22-23, 2011

Class A ATA Martial

Presented by Minton’s ATA Black Belt Academy

Location: Rose Hulman Sports & Recreation Center

Minton’s ATA Black Belt Leadership Academy will be hosting a Class A ATA Regional Taekwondo tournament at Rose Hulman’s Sports and Recreation Center on Friday and Saturday, April 22 & 23. Competitors from ages 3 to 70 plus will be coming to Terre Haute to compete in this event. This tournament is open to all regions in the United States. With approximately 750 men, women, and children competing at this year’s event, this is the single largest individual competitor sporting event with the most competitors that Terre Haute hosts. The public is invited to watch this exciting competition throughout the day. Tickets will be available at the door or pre-purchased at Minton’s Black Belt Academy. For more information: Minton’s ATA Black Belt Academy

Call: 812-235-3309 Visit: http://www.mintonsblackbelt.com